Web Developer 0.6

(from http://www16.big.or.jp/~nansya/MT/archives/000078.html)

* Added the features:
o delete domain cookies
o display image paths
o open Java console
o outline deprecated elements
o view style information
* Added keyboard shortcuts
* Added nested frame support
* All validator URLs are now configurable in the options
* 'Disable styles' now also disables inline styles as element attributes
* Generated pages can now be configured to open in tabs or windows
* Optimized the code
* 'Outline custom elements' choices are now persisted
* Reinstated the Web Developer context menu
* Removed the 'view generated source' feature since it didn't work correctly
* Replaced 'view HTTP headers' feature with 'view response headers'
* 'View cookie information' now displays more information including host and expiration date
* 'View source' now loads from the cache - it also loads in a new window instead of a new tab in order to support this
* Various minor codes fixes


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